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About US

BelCash International was officially founded in 2010 in the Netherlands. The ambition of the group was to design, develop and implement an advanced digital banking platform integrating payments, micro-loans, remittance, e-wallets and e-commerce.

In 2011 BelCash decided to establish itself in Ethiopia, 2nd largest market African market, with 115 Million people. The Ethiopian Bank sector is still at an early stage, it remains that BelCash has deployed successfully its digital Banking platform in 04 major Banks and 02 Microfinances.

BelCash's Business model is to provide, under the Brand "HelloCash", its Open API BAnking Solutions to Financial Institutions based and monetize it via transactional fees.

BelCash platform made its reputation by providing advanced Banking features allowing the deployment of Agency Banking, Online Banking or full Digital Banking (including savings, microloans, mezzo loans, etc. ). The platform is perfectly adapted to the Ethiopian context allowing the end-users to access their accounts via channels as diverse as USSD, IVR, social media, debit Cards, QR codes, APs.





Our Vision


BelCash shall be
A globally benchmarked solution provider
A preferred partner, through creation of high value for customers
An enriching workplace for employees to excel through innovation and teamwork
We are committed to
Delivering high fidelity services and solutions
Time-tested institutionalized processes with a firm belief that quality is a cost-saver





After having been delayed in Ethiopia by the lack of regulatory frame and Infrastructure, BelCash started making significant progress in 2015 by deploying in partnership with local Financial Institutions the following services:

•2015 Launch Mobile wallets via Agency Banking # 05 Banks
•2016 Agent Network / # 15 000 agents
•2018 #1 e-Airtime distribution
•2019 eCommerce / # 1300 suppliers
•2020 -2022 Loans and Interoperability Remittance / (Visa/PayMyBill) # 3 FI’s
Neo Banking/ Debit cards





our Ventures

HelloCash is a digital business platform offered to Financial Institutions in partnership with BelCash Technology Solutions as a Technology provider. With HelloCash, Financial Institutions will allow their customers to: Send Money/ Transfer Money, Receive Money, Pay for Goods and Service, Buy Airtime (Top Up), International Remittance using their mobile phones and/or the 15,000 HelloCash agent network.
HellooMarket is the first full-fledged eCommerce platform in Ethiopia. Thousand three hundred SMEs are providing goods via the platform. The platform is operated by Amasis Advertisement PLC and has recently started delivering on the Global Market.
The HelloBill system allows companies to send notifications of outstanding bills directly to their customers, the end user’s, and mobile phones. End users will receive an SMS notification about their pending bills. The end-users are also able to access the HelloBill USSD menu directly from their mobile phone to see the entire list of pending bills.

Q3 2021,in partnership with VISA and UNDCF, BelCash launched successfully its Smart International Payment Gateway (Mamapays) allowing Regular Ethiopian Banks and Mobile Wallets to receive direct payments from 3.5 Billion Visa & Mastercard cardholders, 60 Million accounts will be connected to Mamapays in December 2022.





current status

The HelloCash Network is the largest financial service network in Ethiopia with 12,000 Service outlets across the country. Currently, within the HelloCash network, there are over 2,300,000 HelloCash customers. The network is expected to grow to 50,000 service outlets (Agent Network) by end of 2022.

The following data's are from 30 May 2022.

200 Billion Birr +

The total value of transaction since start

financial service network

The largest financial service network in Ethiopia.
2.4 Mln +
HelloCash customers

450 Mln Birr +

Daily amount transacted
15,000 +
HelloCash Agents.

250,000 +

Transactions - Daily.