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Belcash International is a Netherland based company which provides its Digital Business Technology Platforms to businesses. Its core business is in the designing of automated solutions to Mobile and Agent Banking service providers and it is mainly offered to financial institutions.

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Providing customer service skills that matter

In 2011, Belcash established its local operations in Ethiopia. Belcash Technology Solutions PLC (BCTS) is a registered Value Added Service (VAS) provider legally operating in Ethiopia. BCTS has obtained its licenses from Ministry of ICT and with a signed agreement with Ethio Telecom to provide services to the Ethiopian market.
BCTS provides its digital mobile technology to allow end users use their mobile devices to access essential services i.e. Finance, Health, Employment and the online commerce industry.




who we are

Over the last four years, our service has allowed the Ethiopian population to access the following services using their mobile phones: Health advice (HelloDoctor), Market access (HelloMarket / HelloGebeya), Labour market access, (HelloJobs / HelloSera), Legal advice (HelloLawyer / HelloTebeka), Mobile Trade service (HelloBroker/ HelloDelela).




our Ventures

HelloCash is a digital business platform offered to Financial Institutions in partnership with BelCash Technology Solutions as a Technology provider. With HelloCash, Financial Institutions will allow their customers to: Send Money/ Transfer Money, Receive Money, Pay for Goods and Service, Buy Airtime (Top Up), International Remittance using their mobile phones and/or the 5,000 HelloCash agent network.
The mission of HelloDoctor is to allow clients who seek healthcare services in Ethiopia to receive reliable, affordable and immediate high-quality services by optimising existing healthcare infrastructure through ICT solutions. HelloDoctor builds networks of doctors, ambulance services, and medical centres, making their services easily accessible to clients over the mobile phone.
The HelloBill system allows companies to send notifications of outstanding bills directly to their customer’s, the end user’s, mobile phone. End users will receive an SMS notification about their pending bills. The end users are also able to access the HelloBill USSD menu directly from their mobile phone to see the entire list of pending bills.
HelloSera (HelloJobs) provides a channel for job seekers and employers to connect with each other. HelloSera allows job seekers to register easily through the phone or online, and also provides employers with free access to the profiles of registered job seekers. Job seekers or service providers can call the 8421 and have their profiles or expertise registered on the system.




our vision

BelCash shall be
A globally benchmarked solution provider
A preferred partner, through creation of high value for customers
An enriching workplace for employees to excel through innovation and teamwork
We are committed to
Delivering high fidelity services and solutions
Time-tested institutionalized processes with a firm belief that quality is a cost-saver




current status

The HelloCash Network is the largest financial service network in Ethiopia with 12,000 Service outlets across the country. Currently, within HelloCash network there are over 2,100,000 HelloCash customers. The network is expected to grow to 20,000 service outlets (Agent Network) by end of 2021.
117 Billion Birr +
Value of transaction end of August 2021

financial service network

The largest financial service network in Ethiopia.
Hello Cash customers


Customers joining the network - Daily.
HelloCash Agents.

150,000 +

Transactions - Daily.