hello cash


Mobile Financial Inclusion

Lion International Bank S.C. and Somali Micro Finance Institute S.C., in partnership with Belcash, launched HelloCash services in Ethiopia in February, 2015. Shortly afterwards, Corporative Bank of Oromia S.C. joined the partnership and expanded the mobile money service delivery across Ethiopia.
The HelloCash mobile money platform provides financial services to all Ethiopians through their mobile phones. The HelloCash mobile money service is operational in most parts of the country, including a number of functioning agent outlets and branches.
The HelloCash service enables existing and potential customers of the financial institutions to carry out transactions in four key areas of financial transactions: deposits, withdrawals, transfers and payments. One of the unique features of HelloCash mobile money service is the shared infrastructure feature, allowing multiple banks and MFI’s to serve each other’s customers.
This allows all customers of partnering banks to visit any agent or branch to utilise financial services, regardless of which bank the customer belongs to. The sharing of agent networks allows partnering banks to optimize their investment, as well as increase nationwide service coverage.

CEO of Belcash International, Mr. Mountaga Vince Diop stated that this is the beginning of what seems to be an irreversible step to reinforce financial inclusion for all in the country. Belcash Technology Solutions PLC provides the banks and the MFIs, go-to turnkey mobile money solutions (including capacity building, business and operational models, hardware, disaster recovery and call centre facilities) and facilitates the penetration of mobile and agent banking in the Ethiopia's financial landscape. The financial institutions providing HelloCash in Ethiopia are confident in building a unique network of more than 20,000 agents across all of Ethiopia within the next 3 years.




hello doctor


Mobile health advice

HelloDoctor was launched in December 2012 in partnership with Telemed Medical Services PLC. It is the first and only privately-owned mobile enabled healthcare provision service in Ethiopia where users can access various health related services through their mobile phone.
The mission of HelloDoctor is to allow clients who seek healthcare services in Ethiopia to receive reliable, affordable and immediate high-quality services by optimizing existing healthcare infrastructure through ICT solutions. HelloDoctor builds networks of doctors, ambulance services, and medical centers, making their services easily accessible to clients over the mobile phone.

The platform optimizes the use of human resources by providing independent doctors and nurses the option of using their time to provide medical advice for callers using their mobile phones. Telemed's tracking systems also integrate remote monitoring of patients through IVR calls and feedback systems which include alerts and reminders for those providing primary care through the phone to administer optimal advice or treatment to callers (patients).
HelloDoctor offers instant health services that are affordable, easy to access on a reliable platform all through the use of mobile phones. In 2013, HelloDoctor was awarded the HANSHEP Health Enterprise Challenge Fund from USAID and DIFID.




hello job


Mobile job opportunities

Job seekers or service providers can call the 8421 and have their profiles or expertise registered on the system. Employers can then either call the 8421 number in order to receive information on suitable job seekers over the phone, or they can alternatively visit and browse www.HelloSera.com (www.HelloGebeya.com).

HelloSera (HelloJobs) provides a channel for job seekers and employers to connect with each other. HelloSera allows job seekers to register easily through the phone or online and also provides employers with free access to the profiles of registered job seekers.

In addition to its regular marketing campaign to attract clients, HelloSera has methods in place to ensure adequate visibility of job seekers on its database.
For example, HelloSera has signed an agreement with a human resourcing company to provide them with special access to the database of registered job seekers. HelloSera also has a dedicated team that reach out to businesses and potential employers on a daily basis, informing them about potential benefits of using its database.

HelloSera is as a joint venture between Belcash (the technology provider) and Amasis Advertising and Publishing PLC (the service provider). HelloSera became operational in the beginning of February 2014 and received approximately 14,000 calls within its first 3-months of operation.
For more information visit www.hellosera.com





hello solar


access to energy and information

HelloSolar International is a decentralized off-grid solar energy solutions provider committed to improving the quality of life of rural communities in Ethiopia by giving access to solar technology through PAY-as-you-GO installment payable through HelloCash. As a mission-driven organization, HelloSolar believes that accelerating access to solar technology will not only enable social development through energy access but also through connectivity which facilitates access to education, healthcare, market and economic opportunities. HelloSolar delivers carefully selected quality products with a warranty and proposes full circle after-sales services with a call center support and technical maintenance. By connecting the Ethiopian and African population to the digital world, HelloSolar´ s mission is to create a more inclusive and sustainable world. Read more:http://www.hellosolarint.com/. (website link).





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