FinTech Impact for Africa: Re-Imagining Banking & Financial Services

As a result of their potent blend of trail-blazing technology and disruptive innovation, FinTech players have the ability to accelerate the digital transformation of financial services in Africa and, in turn, further spur the major existing banks to rapidly ramp-up their own innovative approaches to meet the financial needs of under-served markets across the continent. FinTech players are increasingly becoming an important part of the fabric of Africa’s financial services industry. In addition, the leading banks on the continent are now harnessing innovative technology to meet market needs and are also collaborating with FinTech start-ups to better connect with under-served consumers, improve financial inclusion and provide a platform to scale much faster.

Innovation in Financial Services: A Dynamic Event Tailor-Made for a Cutting-Edge Industry

Finnovation Africa: Ethiopia 2019 is a very different kind of event, a complete re-boot, for a very different kind of industry. Deconstructed and shorn of all the usual, tired formats of the traditional convention – and built from the ground up as a genuinely new event that is as ground-breaking in its focus as it is in its format - and aspiring to be as innovative and transformative as the dynamic FinTech market it serves.

What Sets Finnovation Africa: Ethiopia 2019 apart from other Events? 

Big Picture Scenarios 

Key directions for FinTech in Africa and harmonizing the Stakeholder Value Chain –Aligning the Role of Government Policymakers, Incumbent Banks, FinTech Innovators, Investors, Multilateral Agencies and the Private Sector to Create a Dynamic Ecosystem for FinTech in Africa.

The Digital Transformation of Banking - Accelerating Collaboration:

The impact of radical change on legacy business models brought about by digital financial services is being further disrupted by new initiatives in Open Banking & APIs, Payments Innovation and Mobile Money: How will this impact banks in Africa, can profitable new opportunities be leveraged and what are the prospects for Bank/Start-up collaboration in the African Sandbox?

Blockchain & Bitcoin:

Accelerating Value Creation from Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Going beyond the Hype to Deliver solutions to Africa’s real challenges.

Inside the Investor’s Mind 

Unique insights into the thought processes of a leading FinTech investor - which startups tick what boxes? Why do certain start-ups attract big investors while others fail? In the 1st edition of Finnovation Ethiopia, this live interview session featured renowned industry leader Munir Duri, Chief Executive Officer of Kifiya.

InspireLab Live! 

Delve deeper for a more immersive first-hand experience of disruptive solutions in action.

Leader’s Dialogue Live 

In conversation with an African FinTech Pioneer / International Finnovator: Powerful perspectives direct from the mouth of a legend!

Sheba Valley: A tale of financial and technology Start-ups in Ethiopia 

Sheba Valley is emerging as a dynamic hub driving the FinTech boom in Africa. Leading pioneers will share their insights into the driving forces that are shaping the next wave of transformation in Ethiopia. Trail-blazers such as Gebeya, Yenepay and Zayride showcased the exciting innovations at Finnovation Ethiopia last year.


Advancing the inclusive role of FinTech to bring banking and financial services to the under-banked in Africa.